It was green all over.

Which iconic consumer  institution is being referenced in this 1907 cartoon in Puck Magazine?
Did your family use these? 

S & H Green Stamps

Thomas Sperry and Shelly Byron Hutchenson, creators of the S & H Green Stamp entered the trading stamp business in 1896. Green stamps were trading stamps that the company sold to retailers to promote their stores. Consumers received a predetermined number of green stamps, which they saved in a book that held 1200 stamps. The book represented $120 worth of merchandise spent with the retailer. Once filled the books could be redeemed by catalogue or at 
S & H redemption centers for cash or prices. Trading stamps became popular with Americans post-WWII and by the 1960s eighty percent of Americans were saving stamps. Trading stamp usage declined in the United States in the 1980s. 



03/17/2014 11:39am

I think that you are referring to green stamps? I remember my mother using these in the 1950s...my wife and I still have the table she got with her green stamps. It's held up really well!

Karen Garvin
04/13/2014 4:34pm

I remember these. And then there was the competition -- Yellow Stamps. I still have a ceramic horse my parents got for me at the Yellow Stamp store.


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