In what part of the world can you find these structures? And what are they called?

The structure pictured above, called Heddal Stave Church, or Heddal Stavkirkje in Norwegian, is a Stave church that dates back to the 13th century. These medieval Christians structures are named for their method of construction -- the name derives from an Old Norse term that described the load-bearing posts that make up the church's frame. Once found all over Europe, most of the remaining Stave Churches are located in Norway. The oldest of these dates to 1150 and is located in Luster, Norway. As with most Scandinavian stave churches, the wooden structure is richly decorated with carvings of real as well as mythical creatures throughout. 



04/27/2014 7:38pm

Looks like a Scandinavian Stave Church to me.

04/30/2014 4:36pm

This is a Stave church from Norway.


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